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"I am proud of my quarter century of servant leadership to the citizens of Tippecanoe County."  


 Jason's Platform

Data Driven Policing

The imminent changes facing the criminal justice system make the use of data driven policing imperative. By using a data driven approach we will be able to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations.  This will allow us to identify real problems and connect with the community so together we can create a safer place to raise our families, send our children to school, and continue with the quality of life we have grown to expect. We will also gain valuable internal insights that will allow for a more transparency, more connectivity, and allow us to identify our weaknesses and maximize our strengths. 

Mental Health and Substance Use

I pledge to continue to fight the stigma associated with mental health and substance use, especially within our most vulnerable population.  I will leverage the community partnerships I have forged to educate our deputies and corrections officers so they can have a better understanding of mental health and substance abuse conditions those within our custody and care may be experiencing.  I will also continue to innovate ways that help reduce the recidivism rate and keep justice involved individuals engaged in treatment upon their release from jail.  I will form a Mental Health Crisis Unit that will partner specially trained deputies and mental health professionals who can be dispatched to scenes where mental health and substance abuse is the root of the problem.  

Professional Leadership and Development

To exceed the expectations of our community I will restore professional leadership and development to our sheriff's office. Deputies, corrections officers, 911 operators, and support staff want their leaders to make them feel proud of the service being provided and of their contribution. To that end, I will embark on an aggressive campaign to have our sheriff's office, jail, and communications center become national accredited in the first four years.  I will also require all supervisors to attend the 10 week Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command.  I will also require all executive command staff to attend the FBI National Academy.  

Community Engagement

I will ensure community engagement is the responsibility of everyone in the Tippecanoe County Sheriff's Office, not just a selected few. Community engagement starts with the Sheriff and filters throughout the department to the probationary police deputy, 911 dispatcher, corrections officer, Captain, or records clerk. Every employee has hundreds of thousands of contacts with community members each year. By virtue of those contacts, each employee has a role in the community engagement efforts.  Through Community Engagement, the Tippecanoe County Sheriff's Office, in partnership with the community it serves, will build stronger relationships based on trust and mutual understanding, safer neighborhoods, and a place where everyone can live, work, and play. 

Proactive Criminal Enforcement

I will institute several proactive policing strategies with the goal of the prevention or reduction of crime in Tippecanoe County.  With an emphasis on prevention,  I will mobilize resources based on police initiative and targeting the broader underlying forces at work that may be driving crime and disorder.  I will form a Special Operations Unit that will combat and deter crime as well as aid those who fall victim to criminal activity.  

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